Thursday, October 30, 2008

Boy or girl?

Well, time to make the list of what opinion people hold over my gender public :D
If you want to add your name to the list, simply comment or contact my mum and tell her your prediction! The order of people goes more or less by when the guess was made,
and if someone has been left out, it's probably due to my mum's current forgetfulness. ;)

Those who think I'm a girl:

Rakel Ýr - My mother's sister and soon-to-be (wacky artist) aunt
Afi Birkir - My great-grandfather, grandpa Ómar's dad
Zindri Freyr - My great-uncle, grandma Linda's brother
Evý - My great-aunt, grandma Linda's brother Siggi's wife
Ingi Þór - My cousin, son to Evý and Siggi
Siggi Sölvi - My mum's friend
Bjarki - My mum's friend
Þóra - My mum's friend
Lena Dögg - My mum's friend
Smári Páll - My mum's friend
Noemi - My mum's friend who has a son that I can't wait to meet :)
Einar Valur M. - My mum's friend
Gugga Bjé - My mum's friend
Sindri Sandra - My mum's friend
Pétur Ólafur - My mum's friend
Hulda Slavó - My mum's friend
Gaston Ragnar - My mum's friend from way back
Elín Björg - My mum's friend
Robert - My mum's friend
Vilbrandur - My mum's friend

And those that think I'm a boy:

Grandpa Ómar - My mum's dad and my soon-to-be grandpa
Birkir Jóhannes - My mum's brother and my soon-to-be uncle
Amma Finna - My great-grandmother, grandpa Ómar's mum
Raggi Þór - My great-uncle, grandma Linda's brother
Stella Mjöll - My great-aunt, grandma Linda's brother Ragnar's wife
Ragnheiður - My great-aunt, grandma Linda's sister
Einar - My great-uncle, grandma Linda's sister Ragnheiður's husband
Siggi - My great-uncle, grandma Linda's brother
Arnór Ingi - My cousin, son to Siggi and Evý
Rögnvaldur - My mum's friend
Michael - My dad, and my mum's friend
Loriana - My mum's friend
Gísli Þór - My mum's friend
Áróra Lind - My mum's friend
Kristel Dögg - My mum's friend
Jonny - My mum's friend
Hafsteinn Tómas - My mum's friend
Ingibjörg Ösp - My mum's friend
Maria Lyng - My mum's friend
Lúcía Sigrún - My mum's friend
Hörður - My mum's friend
Hulda Rauðhærða - My mum's friend
Vanessa Andrea - My mum's friend
Sofia - My mum's friend
William Bond - My mum's friend from way back
Mía - My mum's friend
Eva Dögg - My mum's friend
Lea Margrét - My mum's friend who is expecting a baby of her own :)
Ragnar Bond - My mum's friend from way back, possibly even her very first friend!
Gertrud - My mum's friend
Raul Saenz - My mum's Mexican! friend
Einar Maack - My mum's friend
Silla Tigra - My mum's friend
Eddi - My mum's friend
Dís Bond - My grandma's friend (and William's and Ragnar's mum!)
Gerður - My great-grandmother Fríða's sister

Monday, October 27, 2008

The first entry about ME!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my new website :)

It was considered a good idea to have this website in English as most of my family and future friends have that language in common. It would be kind of taxing to keep several websites in all the different languages of the people in my life, being a busy little person with lots of growing and learning to do, so I hope you'll be fine with English. :)

I'm not quite ready to make my grand debut, but the day approaches fast. Faster and faster, my mum would say, but I don't really have a sense of time yet, so I'm not sure what that means. I'm due to arrive on the 23rd of November, though no one knows whether I will decide to come that particular day, or sometime before or after!

My mum is still getting everything ready, and of course everyone is very excited to meet me. And everyone is very excited to see whether their guess of my being a boy or a girl turned out to be correct. And even their guess of which day I decide to make my birthday. In fact, my mum has a list going to keep record of these guesses. (She will post that list soon!)

I don't have a name yet. Well, I do have a name, everyone has a name... But my mum hasn't quite figured out which one belongs to me! I'm sure she'll know once we can communicate face to face :) Not that we haven't been communicating. I do have my preferences already, and I make them quite clear in many ways. One of the very important ones is my music preference!

I love music. If things get too quiet, I get bored. I particularly like classical music that isn't too dramatic. There are some exceptions, some very serious, heavy songs that I do like to listen to. But most of the time, I like something light and beautiful, preferably with harp or violins. Then I gently move to the music and enjoy... and relax. I like nature sounds, though I sometimes find them a bit strange. No wonder, I've no idea what to connect these sounds to ;) I also like African drumming, several kinds of oriental music, Celtic music and so on and so forth...

I also like several bands and my mum says I have good taste. Muse is a particular favourite, whenever it is played for me I get excited and move to the music. Other artists I like include Air, Joanna Newsom (as mentioned above, I love harps... probably influenced by my mum playing for me since I was just a tiny peanut!), the Pixies, and most things by James Horner and Hans Zimmer. Oh, and Hayao Miyazaki film music. Most film music, really. There are many others, my mum just has a hard time remembering the list right now ;)

I like it when my mum sings as well. She doesn't like writing it, but it's true :p

I don't like aggressive music... it makes me scared. Same as very loud noises. Anything with grinding metal sounds and aggressive lyrics does not make me happy at all. I guess I'm a peaceful person.

So now you know most everything about my love for music! I hope you take time and listen to it at least a little while every day. It's important for the soul.

Be sure to check for a new post or two very soon! :)

Much love, from Skaffolding and Tanja