Saturday, November 29, 2008

How I came into the world

Well, dear friends and family, I've made my grand entrance into the world and am doing wonderfully :) Against the odds, I decided to arrive precisely on my due date, the 23rd of November. It was a beautiful birth, and exactly as my mum wanted it to be. She arrived at the hospital at 10.30 pm after a couple of hours of contractions growing increasingly stronger, and I was born a bit over an hour later, at 11.45 pm. So I made my due date, only just :) 
I was delivered without any use of pain medication (there was no time, for one thing ;p) and in water. It was all rather mellow, dim lights and kind delivery nurses and lots of good vibes. Grandma Linda was there with us and she was a wonderful help throughout. She got the honour of cutting my umbilical cord, and after that my mum and I were moved to bed and got to relax and get to know each other. Right from the start, I've been very clever in all that I do, as well as a calm and serene sort of baby. The last few days have been all about settling in and finding out how we work best as a team. There will be more details later, right now we're still very busy with the getting-to-know each other. :)

Thank you everyone for all the kind wishes and congratulations. My mum will let you know about the development of things as they happen, and slowly but surely get in touch with you :)

Much love from Tanja and "Still Secret" Michaelsson

At my moment of birth:

Weight: 3690 grams
Length:  51 centimeters
Head circumference:  35 centimeters
Hair: Black/dark brown, straight and lots of it!!
Eyes: Brown and blue, with a touch of green (very unusual and pretty)

Two days before I came into the world. That would make this 39 weeks and 5 days :P

Just after I was moved from the bath where I was born, being held by my mum.

Just a few minutes old, looking at my mum.

Less than an hour old, about to be dressed in a minute.

First, must contemplate strange device being aimed at me!

And here I am being dressed for the first time!!

And kissed and loved :)

Dressed and well aware of my surroundings, I am shiny and new and beautiful <3

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How I grew

This is the first picture taken where it's visible that I am on my way into the world :) Taken at around the 15th week.

20th week, filling out a little more :p

24th week, not much change, really...

25th week, already a bigger difference :D

26th week....

Week 30! Starting to get big ;)

Week 35! And I seem to be shrinking?

That's my development over the last few months. Pictures are few and far between, but it's all that is currently available. There will be another update soon with more recent pictures. I sure decided to grow a lot in the last 4 weeks! I'll make a handsome baby ;)

Much love to you all.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Birth date

And here come the bets of when people think I will arrive in this world!
There aren't that many who have guessed yet :)

20.11.08 Arnór Ingi cousin
22.11.08 Greatgrandma Finna
23.11.08 Greatgrandma Fríða
24.11.08 Ingi Þór cousin
27.11.08 Aunt Rakel Ýr, Uncle Siggi, Aunt Stella
28.11.08 Hulda Slavo (her birthday ;p), Uncle Zindri
29.11.08 Aunt Evý
30.11.08 Grandpa Omar
1.12.08 Greatgrandpa Birkir
4.12.08 Grandma Linda, my dad Michael